Guideline for Submission


  1. Open the conference website page

  1. Choose “Registration” for new user registration if you do not have an account or choose “Log in” to log in with an account that has been created on the UI conference website.

  1. Registration

  • If you choose “Registration,” a conference list will appear. Choose “Biennial International Nursing Conference”

  • Choose “The 7th Biennial International Nursing Conference”

  • Fill in the requested data, then choose “Create”

  • The page will point to “Log in”

  1. Log in

  • If you choose “Log in” or after new user registration, the login page will appear

  • Fill in your username and password, then choose “Log in”

  1. Choose “New Submission”

  1. Step 1: Starting submission

  • Session type ⇒ Chooses following your interests, “poster presentation” or “oral presentation”

  • Submission Checklist ⇒ Read carefully and mark all points

  • Copyright notice ⇒ Read the copyright rules carefully

  • Comment for Director ⇒ Can be left blank or filled in with what needs to be conveyed to the conference committee

  • Choose “Save and continue”

  1. Step 2: Enter metadata submission

  • Input detailed author information, choose “Add author” to input all authors

  • Input title and abstract manuscript

  • Indexing

    • Keyword: input keywords by separating each word using semicolons (;)

    • Language: fill in the manuscript code (id for manuscripts in Indonesian, en for manuscripts in English)

  • Supporting Agencies ⇒ Can be left blank or filled with research funders

  • Choose “Save and continue” then will go to the active submission page.

  1. Choose “Active Submission” then the title of the article to be followed up to complete the submission process

  1. Uploading supplementary file

  • Can be left blank or filled in by attaching supporting sources such as research instruments, tables, figures, and ethical studies. Then choose “Save and continue.”

  1. The page will be directed to the homepage