1. These terms and conditions apply to the video presentation.

  2. The submitted abstract should pass the selection process by the reviewer to present in the poster presentation.

  3. Please be informed that there may be slight changes in the program for any reason. Please be available in the meeting room from the conference start time on the day of your presentation.

  4. The poster presentation will conduct in panels; each presenter will have ten minutes for presentation and 15 minutes discussion for each group. Presenters urge to keep the video strictly to the time limit. The moderator representative may cut a video if it has exceeded the allocated time.

  5. The working language of the conference is English.

  6. The maximum file size you can upload is 300 MB; provide it as AVI, MOV MPG, MPEG, or WMV video file. Be sure your visuals are bright, and the sounds are clear.

  7. Submit your presentation video ten days before the conference to email: The Email subject should arrange as follows: poster-(full name)-abstract title (for instances: poster-Dwi Nurviyandari-Effectiveness of lafiska exercise among…).

  8. Be ready with your presentation video open in your device when the meeting begins. Please share that video while sharing your screen. The sent file use for back up and archive purposes.

  9. Please check and make sure that your video is functioning correctly before the session starts.

  10. Presentation requirements:

a. Laptop with headset/ Desktop with Webcam and Microphone/headset.

b. Update Chrome Browser.

c. Virus protections need to be paused/disabled before the start; if not, it will block the webcam.

d. Bright and calm environment with a professional background.