“Nurses, the central to addressing health challenges: Before, during, and after disasters”

3nd Series of Conference


Abstract Book of the 7th Virtual-Biennial International Nursing Conference is open access and available to all interested parties.

This abstract book published by Faculty of Nursing Universitas Indonesia.

Series of Conference

Participants are going to engage in the three series of conference.

1st series : September 24, 2020

2nd series : October 30, 2020

3rd series : November 16, 2020

Each series will discuss different topics with speakers from different countries, e.g China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, USA, Indonesia, etc

About Conference

Nurses are the frontliners of the healthcare services. Nurses touch the life of their patients through compassion and competency. As the central of healthcare services, they make a difference by creating a safer healing environment for patients and their families.

The Indonesian government has declared the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in the country as a national disaster, a Non-Natural Disaster. Nurses serve an important role in disaster preparedness at the local, state, and national levels through planning, education, and direct care provided during disasters. Nurses are encouraged to participate actively in all phases of disaster preparedness and response within their institutions and communities. Within their institutions, they should engage in assessment and planning prior to a disaster, responding during a crisis, and assisting with mitigating throughout the recovery phase.

Due to the unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak, the BINC Committee has decided to take the 2020 Biennial Conference to a virtual platform.

Certificate Eligibility for VBINC Participants


  • The committee issue only ONE certificate for each submission that complete the registration (payment).
  • For instance, 2 authors of one submission all complete the payment; they will receive 2 certificates of presentation. If only 1 author completes the payment, he/she will be issued one certificate of presentation and another co-author won’t be issued the certificate.


  • Certificate of Presentation ⇒ for authors (indicates a presenter’s name, affiliation and the paper title that is presented in the scheduled session).
  • Certificate of Attendance ⇒ for readers (includes participant’s name and affiliation, certifying the participation in the conference).

If you need both “Certificate of Presentation” and “Certificate of Attendance”, please email to the secretariat in advance: binc@ui.ac.id

  • Both certificates required a participants’ participation to attend 3 series of conference (proved by filling the bit.ly form presence; the link will be informed during the session) OR to attend 2 series of conference and becoming a poster presentation reader in the conference exhibition platform (proved by filling the bit.ly form presence; the link will be informed during the session).

Certificate Distribution

  • Both oral and poster presenters will receive an electronic certificate of presentation from the conference committee on December 2020
  • The certificate of attendance will be issued from the conference committee on December 2020

The certificate of presentation will not be issued, either at or after the conference, to authors whose papers are registered but not presented. Instead, the certificate of attendance will be provided after the conference.

If authors are not able to present their papers due to unavoidable circumstances, they shall provide the official certification document to request for the certificate of presentation. For more details, please contact the conference secretariat at binc@ui.ac.id


  1. ISBN-Abstract Book to publish abstract submission.
  2. Scopus indexed journals or National accredited journal to publish qualified manuscripts.


  1. Pediatric Reports (Q3)
  2. Infectious Disease Reports (Q2)
  3. Oncology Reviews (Q1)
  4. BMC Nursing (Q1)
  5. Aquichan (Q4)

Term and condition to publish on Scopus indexed Journal

  1. Participants state the agreement to pay the publication fee.
  2. The length of review process and the decision to accept the manuscript in a journal is the authority of the journal editorial board.

Important date




  • Early : July 1 – 31, 2020
  • Regular : August 1 – September 23, 2020




EARLY BIRD Domestic Overseas
Students Rp. 500.000 USD 40
Professional Rp. 650.000 USD 50
Non Presenter Rp. 350.000 USD 30
REGULER Domestic Overseas
Students Rp. 750.000 USD 60
Professional Rp. 900.000 USD 75
Non Presenter Rp. 500.000 USD 50

Virtual Account Number

8991 0012 7170 1018 (FIK-V-BINC-2020)



The Step of being Presenter of the V-BINC

  1. Participant submit the abstract (see the template ⇒ AbstractTemplate) using the account registered on the V-BINC website. Participants can choose to deliver the abstract in oral or poster presentation. Note: the oral session are limited for 100 participants. The system will closed automatically and another participant will be included in poster session.

  2. Information about the abstract acceptance will be delivered to the account registered to the V-BINC website.

  3. Participant submit the revised abstracts based on reviewers’ comments using the account registered on the V-BINC website. Participants who intend to publish their work in a journal must submit the revised abstract, full manuscript (see the template ⇒ ManuscriptTemplate) and publication agreement letter (see the template ⇒ PubAgreeLetter) using the account registered on the V-BINC website.

  4. Participants make a registration payment and fill the payment confirmation letter.

  5. Participants upload the material of presentation following the guidelines

Review Process

The Scientific Committee of 7th BINC is responsible for the decision of the articles submitted to the Conference. All article submissions will be initially screened whether the manuscript has follow scope and author guidelines. All submitted manuscript will be screened using Turnitin or iThenticate for plagiarism checking before being sent to reviewers. The manuscript will be sent to section editor and will be reviewed by at least two anonymous reviewers.

Every article submitted will go through an Editorial Review and Double Blind Peer Reviews. The manuscripts that do not sufficient for publication, not meet the general interest or inappropriate to the focus and scope and/or have many errors in many aspects would be directly rejected without peer review. The manuscripts that meet the editorial requirement would be processed for peer review by at least two reviewers. In a condition when particular advice is required the editor has the right to appoint additional reviewer. The decision on one manuscript is made by the Editorial Board meeting. The decision would be based on the advice from the reviewers and could categorized into:

  1. Accepted, with minor editorial correction;

  2. Minor revision, when author is invited to revise and no further review is needed;

  3. Major revision, when author is invited to revise and need to resubmit for review;

  4. Rejected, when there is major conceptual/technical/interpretational problems.

The reviewers of the Conference have the responsibility to do a useful reports that help the editors in making final decision on a manuscript. The author has the responsibility to clearly stated the changes that are made in the revised manuscript. A careful examination on the sentence structure, text accuracy and completeness, self-explanatory tables and figures should be done by the author. The editors have the right to make editing to the manuscript in terms of style, format and clarity. Acceptance of a manuscript is decided in the Editorial Board meeting. The final decision on a manuscript would be given by the Conference Editor.